A sector undergoing constant change, at the heart of our priorities.

The automobile industry is facing a growing number of unprecedented challenges:

  • immediate investment in reducing CO2 emissions;

  • the promotion of connectivity and autonomous vehicles for the sake of innovation;

  • adapting to the rapid shift from traditional individual ownership to rented or shared use;

  • impacts and opportunities now being created by digitalisation.

Digital technology has transformed the traditional customer experience of physical sales through exclusive dealership networks into multiple customer experiences of phygital sales. These new customer paths also involve multi-channel communication.

BNP Paribas Cardif seek to support car manufacturers in their strategies and to serve their clients in the best possible way. By developing differentiating insurance solutions and services, we protect drivers and their vehicles, generating satisfaction and points of contact with car manufacturers. We are able to integrate our bespoke offers at key stages of sales, whether physical or digital. Finally, our know-how also enables us to secure data, guarantee its quality and add value to it with our partners.

This means that we can help to increase loyalty to our partners’ brands and guarantee that additional revenues are maximized without the need to deploy valuable financial or human resources.

Transparency, agility and long-term partnership are the hallmarks of our company and the values that drive our expert teams, who themselves have come from the automobile industry.

Thanks to this expertise, BNP Paribas Cardif has succeeded in gaining the trust of its partners, with whom it has built a stable and solid relationship over the past few years.