Artificial intelligence: transforming data into value

At BNP Paribas Cardif, we transform data into customer value and apply our expertise to the data that we collect, enhancing it for the benefit of our insurance customers. 

Our Artificial Intelligence strategy is build on three pilars :

  • data quality,
  • data protection
  • data exploitation.

At the heart of this strategy, the Corporate Analytics team is our center of expertise dedicated to building, operating and reusing our algorithms.

Our three pillars:

A powerful IT environment
This powerful IT environment enables us to leverage the full potential of artificial intelligence. For example, we can run advanced models of deep neural networks (Deep Learning) on Graphical Processor Units (GPUs).

Domino: an international platform
Governance of the models we operate from our international-scale Domino industrial data science management platform. This platform enables us to make our algorithms operational by easily integrating them into our information systems and monitoring them.

An open research and development ecosystem
As a member of a consortium launched in 2018 we are contributing financial support to Scikit-Learn, an open source software library for machine learning published at the initiative of teams of engineers from INRIA (the French research institute for digital sciences).

Our analytics managers and data scientists constitute a recognized center of expertise. Their mission is to use data at its full potential, in strict compliance with ethics and confidentiality, at the service of our partners and insured clients.