March 19, 2024

UL Concierge: Empowering Customers with Data For Better Policy Management

Introduce yourself briefly: country, division, main tasks, personal interests outside the company (e.g., leisure and hobbies)

Hello, I'm Eunbyeol KIM from South Korea, serving in the Marketing & Business Development division at BNP Paribas Cardif Korea. My primary role involved leading the UL Concierge project as both Project Manager and Product Leader, where I was tasked with overseeing the project's development and execution, ensuring we delivered a service that truly met our customers' needs. Outside of work, I'm deeply fascinated by the potential of generative AI, dedicating my time to exploring its applications and impacts across various fields. I am particularly interested in how generative AI can open up new worlds in marketing, from data analysis to content creation, broadening my perspective and exploring the possibilities it holds. Additionally, traveling is a passion of mine; it's a way for me to gain new perspectives and insights that I can bring back to my work, enriching our past projects with fresh ideas and innovative solutions

Tell us about your project: its main focus, what is is about, how it came about, and what it will bring to BNP Paribas Cardif. 

Unit Linked (UL) Concierge is a service that provides customized content and support for managing the variable insurance funds and profitability of customers, like "a hotel VIP concierge desk". It is to provide customers with various insightful and data-friendly contents to alleviate their concerns and enhance their Unit Linked insurance experience. By addressing customers' unmet needs in managing Unit Linked policy, by providing customers personalized insights and comparisons, Unit Linked Concierge enables customers to make more informed decisions about their financial future. It also enables BNP Paribas Cardif to meet the gap and needs across holistic Unit Linked journey (key moment of truth). With its unique ability to compare a customer's policy performance with that of others who joined at the same time and age, it represents a breakthrough in Unit Linked policy management.

What did you find most striking/surprising during this project (perhaps you have an anecdote to tell us)? 

The initial goal of the UL Concierge project was to enhance engagement on our mobile app, MYCardif, by drawing customers in to view and manage their policies. However, a surprising and impactful discovery occurred mid-project when we shared the service and its interfaces with our Fund Advisory Center to assist in customer inquiries. The response from the advisory staff was overwhelmingly positive. They found that the additional resources and materials available for customer support were not only helpful but significantly enriched due to the personalized data services provided. This feedback was so constructive that it even spurred ideas for a second phase of the project.

What was particularly striking was the realization that the service we developed to enhance customer experience on our app could also significantly benefit other departments, offering a dual-purpose solution that both improves customer satisfaction and supports internal operations. This outcome was both proud and satisfying, highlighting the project's success in creating a versatile service that aids not just our clients but our employees too.

What advice would you give to employees who also want to innovate? 

To employees eager to innovate, my advice is twofold:

First, always start with the customer in mind. Understanding their needs, challenges, and feedback is the foundation of meaningful innovation. Second, embrace collaboration. The synergy between different skills and perspectives within our team was crucial to the success of the UL Concierge service.

Innovation is not a solitary journey but a collaborative endeavor that thrives on diverse contributions.

Hear from the team members of this project:

Our journey in developing 'UL Concierge' was a testament to the synergy between IT expertise and customer-centric innovation, and this award celebrates that collaboration.

Seung Hwan MUN

This award symbolizes our dedication to redefining customer experiences, with 'UL Concierge' at the forefront of innovation.

Eun Sil PARK

This award acknowledges the innovative IT architecture and data-driven capabilities behind 'UL Concierge,' demonstrating how technology can reshape the insurance landscape.


The Innovation Ambassador award recognizes the synergy of technology ideas and customer empowerment in 'UL Concierge,' driving innovation in the insurance industry.

Eun Byeol KIM

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