January 25, 2024

Committed to providing the best possible support to the most vulnerable people, BNP Paribas Cardif launched in 2023 a Social Action Fund intended to its clients who are in a situation of fragility.


Who is this aid for?

The Social Action Fund is an exceptional financial aid reserved for insured customers who have subscribed to a loan insurance contract or a protection insurance contract (death, incapacity, disability) and who find themselves in a fragile situation.

In the case of a rare disease, this assistance may also be granted to the insured's spouse or child, if it turns out that it is one or the other who is affected (and not the insured him/herself). 

What are the benefits of the Social Action Fund?

This exceptional financial assistance can take two forms:

•    Payment of a lump sum in the event of a claim or serious event not covered by the policy's guarantees.
•    Payment of various expenses related to the insured's situation: travel and accommodation costs for dedicated medical centers, costs related to the purchase of a medical device, psychological support, assistance in returning to work, or in the case of a child suffering from a rare disease, partial payment of the expenses related to a personal educational assistant, etc.

"In partnership with the Imagine Institute, we wanted to integrate additional services for insured persons and their families affected by a rare disease."

Anne Cavalière - Philanthropy France

How does it work?

Benefits are granted by the decision of the Social Action Fund Commission, which meets once a month. Decisions are discretionary, taken on a case-by-case basis after examining the file and the insured’s personal situation. Financial assistance is granted only once in the life of the contract.

To apply for this aid, the client will log on to the Cardif.fr page, complete the application and provide the documents proving the state of fragility. 

"The creation of this fund is in line with the benevolent actions that have been carried out for several years at BNP Paribas Cardif France and which aim to go beyond our contractual commitments."

Florence Duval - Head of Customer Ambition Program

To learn more (page in French) : Fonds d’Action Sociale

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