November 09, 2022

From 17th to 21th October, our employees dedicated half a day during their working hours to help local charities of their choice. 

Over one week, nearly 350 volunteer employees took part in various workshops, supporting fifteen charities in various fields, such as preserving biodiversity and supporting vulnerable people.

Taking part in the day-to-day life of an educational farm, painting to bring new life to the shared areas of a hospital, as well as introducing nursing home residents to the digital world, all our employees were able to participate in a charitable cause close to their hearts. 

In partnership with the charity Unis-Cité Solidarité Entreprises, specialized in supporting corporate solidarity initiatives, 1,400 hours of work are made available to charities to help them implement projects of real needs.

By implementing this initiative, BNP Paribas Cardif is taking part in BNP Paribas’ “#1MillionHours2Help” program, which aims to allow employees, during their working hours, to use some of their working time to support charities, in order to promote equitable and sustainable growth.

Every year, more and more of our employees are taking part in this Solidarity Week, with one single goal: share happiness to be happy!

“It’s incredible chatting with these kids and seeing their vision of the world! 
The time flew by! 

“There are lots of things to be done here, so they can count on us next year, we’ll be there!”

“Incredible interactions and lots of happiness.”