October 11, 2023

Founded in 2021, Clivi is Mexico’s first digital diabetes clinic, making treatment more accessible for patients with type 2 diabetes. Through its comprehensive technology (using AI) and personalized platform, the company enables patients to simplify the process needed to care for diabetes and to control the disease so these people can extend their lives.


In Latin America, there are over 40 million adults with diabetes, according to Statista*. Mexico is one of the most affected countries by diabetes, standing as the 6th country with the most diabetes patients worldwide. With an average of one endocrinologist per nearly 10,000 patients in Mexico, Clivi intends to bridge this gap by connecting patients with endocrinologists, nutritionists and psychologists. Its platform enables users to access monitoring and treatment plans via their communication channel of choice (eg WhatsApp). The company also provides all of the supplies, like glucometer, test strips, blood testing kits, and medication.

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people in Mexico and is the number one cause of death of women in Mexico. Clivi is committed to guiding its patients toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Our platform has helped thousands of patients, 94% of whom have achieved diabetes control within six months. The global population living with diabetes is projected to surpass one billion in the next decade. Diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges of humanity. In light of this significant challenge, we have set an ambitious target to serve 1 million people across Latin America within the next five years”, said Ricardo Moguel, Founder and CEO of Clivi.

In May 2023, Clivi raised US$10 million during its seed round, co-led by Dalus and Fundations Capital. BNP Paribas Cardif invested in this round through its C. Entrepreneurs fund along with Cathay Innovation.

BNP Paribas Cardif plays an essential role in the lives of its customers, providing them with savings and protection solutions. In Latin America we are providing an ecosystem of health services with the ambition to improve our customers’ life and needs. Working with a company that makes a public health issue like diabetes more comprehensive and affordable, will contribute to our mission to have a positive impact on society and make insurance more accessible”, says Francois Gazel-Anthoine, Head of Cardif Mexico


* Statista is a German online portal with statistics from institutes, market and opinion research and data from the economic sector.

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