September 09, 2023

C.Entrepreneurs and C.Development, BNP Paribas Cardif’s investment funds managed by Cathay Innovation invest in early-stage start-up in all the countries where BNP Paribas Cardif operates, or in countries where BNP Paribas Cardif aims to become established.


BNPP Cardif has set up an innovation capital system, in partnership with investment funds, which provides capital financing and support to innovative companies in various sectors and regions:

C.Entrepreneurs, the early stage investment fund of BNP Paribas Cardif managed by Cathay Innovation invests in startups targeting sectors adjacent to insurance (fintech, mobility platform, e-commerce platform…).

C.Development, the growth investment fund of BNP Paribas Cardif managed by Eurazeo invests in startups positioning themselves in the insurance sector.

Through these two funds, BNPP Cardif supports the development of startups of all origins working on technologies or services related to the insurance of tomorrow, its distribution and accessibility.

These startups offer innovative services or technologies that enhance the customer experience, the distribution of insurance and/or the efficiency of our company. C.Entrepreneurs and C.Development also support entrepreneurs in developing tomorrow’s financial inclusion solutions to make insurance more accessible.

Startups are thus supported from the start of their business, with BNP Paribas Cardif helping them to build the conditions for their growth.



Some of the companies supported by C.Entrepreneurs and C.Development:

•    InsuranceDekho : was incubated within India’s leading Auto-tech Unicorn - CarDekho Group. InsuranceDekho enables its agent partners to allow their customers to compare and buy different insurance policies (life, health, and non-life insurance) based on their requirements and helps them purchase the most suitable plan through a digital platform powered by AI.

•    Clivi : is Mexico’s first digital diabetes clinic, making treatment more accessible for patients with type 2 diabetes.

•    BEEM is a French startup that empowers people to own their energy. The company started with the Beem kit, a DIY solar kit that allows customers to produce their own solar energy, optimize their consumption at home and save on average 250€ in electricity each year.

•    Inmemori allows grieving families to create a free private space on the Internet and to organize funeral services like burial, cremation and ceremony.

•    Housfy : is a Spanish a Real Estate multiservice platform that helps customers selling, buying, renting a house, or getting a mortgage online.

•    Firstvet : is a Swedish startup providing pet owners with on-demand video consultations from qualified veterinarians and other associated services.

•   Reebelois a Singapore-based marketplace for refurbished electronics. Founded in 2019, Reebelo was launched to reduce the amount of waste created by consumer electronics.

•    Payflow is a Spanish fintech that allows employees to get their earn-salary whenever they want, through an intuitive app.  Payflow is creating a revolutionary social benefit for the employees and their company.

•    Qover : is a Belgium-based insurance as-a-service solution without enabling any business to embed insurance products. 

•    Neon : is a neobank based in Sao Paulo that offers free digital accounts and MEI services for the underbanked Brazilian working class

•    Curve : is a UK-based neobank that consolidates multiple cards and accounts into one Mastercard and application.

•    Kueski the largest Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) and online consumer lending company in Mexico.

•    Igloo : a start-up which offers a specialised technology platform for managing and distributing protection and micro-insurance products to digital platforms in Southeast Asia. For example, in the Philippines, Igloo provides protection products especially for female entrepreneurs.

•    Altbank, a company that provides access to digital payment methods for a part of the Brazilian population that has little or no access to banking services.

•    Facily, a Brazilian e-commerce platform which offers access to online commerce to as many people as possible by reducing logistics costs through grouped purchases.