December 01, 2022

For 10 years, the Odyssée building has been the workplace of over 4,000 BNP Paribas Cardif employees and above all, a living work environment. Located in Nanterre, in the Hauts-de-Seine region of France, the building provides its occupants with an ideal innovative work environment inside a modern complex. Let the guided tour begin!

Work in dynamic and welcoming spaces

To respond to new ways of working within the company, BNP Paribas Cardif has developed dynamic Flex Office spaces. Implemented a few years ago, this system allows employees to choose individual or collaborative workspaces, promoting communication and cross-functionality between teams.

Used by all employees for various purposes, these spaces are designed to be used as collaborative workspaces but also places to relax.

At BNP Paribas Cardif, workspaces are constantly evolving to adapt to new practices, following Smart Working1 principles.

Two new collaborative spaces have recently opened: the Blue Spot and the Green Spot. These rooms offer both formal and informal workspaces to promote wellness, performance and collaboration between teams. These spaces also encourage agile working2, which is very appreciated by our employees.

Benefit from unique spaces devoted to innovation and creation

Innovation is at the core of our company's strategy. To this end, Cardif Lab’ was created in 2014 to highlight the company’s digital innovations and anticipate new market trends. A true hub of experience and creation, Cardif Lab’ promotes the spread of innovation within the company and introduces employees to issues surrounding tomorrow’s insurance industry.

The “Customer Room”: another innovative area. This immersive space allows teams to become more familiar with their clients’ customer journeys by experiencing the journey themselves. The technology used is a hologram, which adds weight to the customer's testimony, involving a real “physical” presence. The results are unanimous: the Customer Room inspires all employees and their managers to better embody the client into their daily actions. Following its success, the project won the Argus d’Or 2022 prize for Best Managerial Innovation.  

Enjoy a dynamic workplace

To contribute to employee wellbeing, there are many services available within the building itself: a gym, concierge services, a media library, a bank branch, a hairdresser, an osteopath, a telemedicine booth, etc. This wide range of amenities means that employees can benefit from local services without even leaving their workplace.

The main corridor, connecting all areas of the building, is the company’s beating heart. It often hosts entertainment during celebrations or events. In 2021, Odyssée celebrated its 10th anniversary with an Ancient Greece-themed party, in a nod to the building’s Homeric name!

Enjoy nature

Odyssée’s green areas are an integral part of employees’ daily lives with water features and gardens. This design also allows employees to support biodiversity by taking part in various outdoor workshops, for example vegetable garden maintenance for green-fingered employees.

At Odyssée, it’s possible to work and get a breath of fresh air thanks to several outdoor structures that are side-by-side with nature. These spaces are located in the gardens themselves or on the building’s many terraces.

In terms of food services, whether they choose to eat indoors or outdoors, alone or in a group, Odyssée’s employees and visitors have many choices: the building has its own brasserie, cafeteria and canteen.


Changes in 2022

In 2022, Odyssée started hosting other BNP Paribas Group employees for the first time: Asset Management and Wealth Management. Odyssée has become a multi-occupancy building, with the largest amount of Group’s residents.

The specific layout of the building allows our company to constantly adapt to new practices but also to our employees’ needs. Whether it’s through workspaces, the diverse range of services or the special work environment, everything has been designed to allow teams to evolve in their ideal surroundings, allowing them to flourish both professionally and personally. Come and see by yourselves!

Work with us

(1)    Smart Working is the goal that BNP Paribas set in order to continue to develop our ways of working over the coming years.
(2)    Agile project management is a method that allows teams to plan a project with short-term goals. This practice also promotes collaboration between teams and makes the client the focus of every action. It is considered a more flexible method than traditional project management methods.